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Wifi is about to get an upgrade. As we consume more bandwidth with demanding apps, video streaming, video chats, and increasingly more complex gaming, the demand for better wifi is greater than ever before. Wifi 6 is about to be released in 2020, so any new phone release or laptop should have it pre-installed. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming release of wifi 6.

What is wifi 6?

Wifi 6 is an upgraded version of our current wifi system, and its design is for only one thing, better, faster and stronger wireless internet connection. This version comes with a new infrastructure that is future proof, making sure that it supports even faster speeds in a few years, and helping your router communicate with more devices all at once.

Is it faster?

Wifi-5, our current service, runs at 3.5 Gbps. Wifi 6 is realised with a whopping 9.6 Gbps making it considerably faster than what we currently have – in theory.
Yes, we have to remember that these Gbps numbers are theoretical maximum speeds. The actual speed you get may vary depending on your provider, location and internet package. The speed is the case for wifi 5 and below, checking with your internet provider or conducting an internet speed test determines how fast your internet is.

Is it secure?

Wifi 6 is as secure as your current wifi system. It has to be, to receive permission for public release, wifi systems must support the WPA3 security system at the very least, this is the system to secure wifi 5. The newer wifi 6 is a stronger and more efficient security release.

How do I get it?

With system updates, wifi generations rely on both hardware and software to run. The update means only newly purchased devices are capable of receiving wifi 6.
But before you run out to the store to buy a new phone, TV and laptop – we recommend that you hold off until you naturally need to buy a new item, and products begin to switch over to wifi 6 while wifi 5 and below are still supported.
While your devices are still able to perform as desired, it is best waiting until they get sluggish or break before purchasing wifi 6 enabled hardware. The increase in speed isn’t considerable enough to make a huge impact, and most software such as games, videos and calls work just fine on wifi 5.

As a rule, wifi devices begin to become commonplace around a year after their general release. You’ll notice a drop in lag and more efficient web browsing, which makes wifi 6 a welcome arrival. For more information on wireless technology and the future, visit us for regular updates and current trends in the world of tech.



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